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MEG has a long history of providing engineering solutions to teams and manufacturers competing in the Motorsports Industry. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana; the heart of the US open wheel racing industry, MEG has used engine control systems in many race engine programs over the years. Because of this, it was necessary for MEG to recruit individuals with highly technical electrical engineering backgrounds to successfully develop electronics packages. This experience has helped us identify and develop products with real world applications. In what seemed a natural progression, MEG built upon this strong electronics background to develop solutions to help revolutionize the Motorsports Electronics business. From the newly released MEG801 Data Acquisition System that uses fiber optic technology to the versatile MEG Programmable Strain Gauge Amplifiers, MEG Electronics Products are designed for purpose and functionality with an eye on cost containment. The use of these products and technologies is not limited within the motorsports community but has widespread industrial, transportation, military and medical applications. MEG engineers can also work directly with clients to fill a specific requirement for electronic controls or software solutions.

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